ZT260 – known issues

Blinking light on instrument pod information display?

Caused by bus connection between the Ford ECU and the Rover Body control unit.

Fuel Pressure – Little or No Pressure.

A number of vehicles have experienced problems arising from low or non-existent fuel pressure leading to an engine non-start condition. It is possible that the lack of fuel pressure may be down to the fuel filter assembly coming apart. Previously this would have necessitated a new fuel filter assembly to be fitted.

Please click on this document to explain the cheap fix.

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Front springs for the ZT/ZT-T are REB000590 and singly or as a boxed-pair (REB000590PR), from www.aewilcox.co.uk (Contact: John Wilcox)
Tel: 01454 294213

Brackets for rears and locate them to the turret in the boot, part no. RPF100060, from Rimmers @ £30.00 each.

Fan belt: PQS000300, Belt is a 6PK2375 DAYCO part NO 5060935 same belt for the VW Passat 2.3 V5with air con 2000 on. Also available from Gates: part number 6PK2373.

Brian Luti from Dreadnought Garage (Link)

These are Brians recommendations:

  • Fit the Orange clip to the Fuel Filter. (Bought not fitted).
  • Fit the Two-Sixties – upgraded heater hose. (Fitted 2019).
  • Fit the Two-Sixties – “Black Olive” replacement heater valve (Fitted 2019).
  • Fit the Two-Sixties – magnetic hex-head sump plug. (Bought not fitted).
  • Modify the block on the bonnet opening mechanism
  • Check your spark plugs. They are known to work loose, or worse, to blow out of the head. Take them out once a year regardless of mileage, lube the threads with a LITTLE copper grease and replace. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN as there are only a few threads in the head. Torque to 12NM (8Ib ft), no more.
  • Fit a lighter throttle return spring to improve accelerator feel and minimise cable sticking.
  • Be heard. Fit the second horn, originally removed by the factory as a cost saving measure. (fitted standard on my car).
  • Service your aircon compressor and especially replace the original refrigerant/oil mixture.
  • Adjust the handbrake carefully. You may have to replace the handbrake compensator and the handbrake shoes (new cables fitted 2019).
  • Check rear sub frame cross-tube for rust (Powder Quoted 2019).
  • Check welding on the four radius arms on the rear subframe.
  • Fit scooters rear wheel alignment replacement bolt and bushes kit (and new radius arms if needed).
  • On pre-facelift cars check the rear springs for broken top coils.
  • Throw away the four locking wheel nuts (Done).
  • Upgrade the cooling fan resistor (or the complete cooling fan unit).
  • Monitor the alloy wheels as they are known to crack at the rims and cause slow leaks (they can be welded and fixed) – (Refurbed 2019).