Cars Today

EDIT: 8 June 2023: Grenadier collected from Chandlers, Belton.

EDIT: 14 April 2023: S63 sold, M5 bought.

EDIT: 30 March 2023: So I bought the S63 in May 2022, the MINI is my wife’s car and I bought a Honda Civic Type R this March. We have a Grenadier on order, so will swop one or two cars in. Thinking the CTR as it has increased in value.

EDIT: October 2022: The last 10 days have seen all my cars go. The leased Octavia, Ariel Nomad and GR Yaris. To be replaced with the S63 AMG Coupe. Not entirely settled with this, contemplating one last change. The next couple of days will be significant.