A46 Lancaster Bomber sculpture needs extra £200k to be ready

By Joseph Verney Local News Reporter for Lincolnite. Image from the BBC website.

Loaded this story as it’s very relevant considering that RAF Fulbeck had Lancasters based there in the war.

Further funding of £200,000 is needed to complete the full-size art installation of a Lancaster Bomber Sculpture just off the A46 in Norton Disney.

The Bomber County Gateway Trust’s ‘On Freedom’s Wings’ project was put on hold in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, but resumed three months ago and more steel is now needed to finish the construction of the frame of the aircraft, which is being done by Timmins Engineering.

Once finished, the 26-metre long sculpture will be 29 metres in height and have a wingspan of 31m, making it 9m taller than the Angel of the North.

The sculpture will be angled at 45 degrees so, not only will it be a great view from the road, but it will also look as if it’s making a final approach at RAF Swinderby.

Ken Sadler, Chairman of The Bomber County Gateway Trust, told The Lincolnite that he hopes they will be able to erect the structural frame of the sculpture next year. The exact completion date for the full project is not yet known.

The Trust has so far raised £175,000, but around £450,000 worth of work has been done thanks to companies giving their time, resources and expertise either, for free or a reduced cost.

The project has, however, had to contend with delays due to the coronavirus pandemic and also, more recently, the price of steel rising by around 250%.

He believes the sculpture will be better than the Angel of the North. He said: “The Angel of the North is just abstract, but this is a representation of something tangible that represents the people of the county.”

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