April 18, 2024

The boss and I mean, my wife accepted delivery of the pocket rocket from Listers of Grantham yesterday. I would like to say that Listers and specifically, Alex, Craig and Joe where exceptional and I would highly recommend this dealership if you are in the market for a Toyota. Click to be steered to their website. Don’t tell the boss, but I do fancy a Supra 3.0, but she likes a 4wd, so what of a Hilux Invincible X with an Arctic Trucks modification?

She has taken a few pictures of the car. Except for the circuit pack, the only other extra was the dash cam. I do plan to acquire some spare wheels with winter tyres at some point. And probably more important, go home to drive this and the Nomad.

Found a website where I can acquire a spare set of BBS Forged wheels, but rather fancy Rays.