Grenadier Battery Charging

My vehicle has always shown low Battery percentages. If I worked on the vehicle with the doors open it would always drop to mid 60%. Today it dropped to 60%, other times on a DPF regen it would sometimes show 0% if the engine was not running, but the vehicle would start and after a few seconds would then show circa 65%. The maximum charge ever shown was around 82%.

I had mentioned it to my agent, who always seemed non-plussed about it. We then phoned the sister agency who suggested we complete a hard reset on the vehicle, by disconnecting both batteries, then wait for a couple of minutes followed by a reconnect (it’s a Trialmaster). I did this with a battery displaying 65%, I then reconnected and was astounded to see 92%. I have never seen anything ever in the 90’s, so I walked away from the vehicle feeling good.

EDIT: 14 May 2024 – system after a reset always shows around 70%.