Grenadier Roof Power Points / Deutsche DTP

We are all aware that there are 4 PowerPoint’s for auxiliary equipment on the roof, for those that specified the option.

Below are four images of the Deutsch plug, including the male socket for the auxiliary equipment.

For information on where all the connectors are, please examine the Pocket Guide for a full explanation.

The 25 amp Deutsche plugs used in the Grenadier are two pin DTP style plugs, with size 12 pins rated at 25 amps (14-12AGW wire size).

The Deutsche DTP are only found on the roof in 4 locations if selected as an option. The other auxiliary points only have bare wires.

Parts numbers are:
• DTP06-2S (male housing, female pins) with wedgelock (2S means two sockets for the DTP06 plug).
• DTP04-2P (female housing with male pins) with wedgelock (2P means two plugs for the DTP04 plug).
• 0460-204-12141 Pin Contacts (male) (pins only).
• 10462-203-12141 Socket Contacts (female) (sockets only).

The male housing is the one you need to wire for your auxiliary equipment.

See this link for purchasing the plugs.