Immigration at 745,000!

With immigration topping out at 745,000 last year. How can the UK cope in the following areas; housing, schools, roads, social services, health services to name but a few?

I know the country needs specialists from overseas, but 745,000 extra souls is not sustainable. I understand they are are not all illegal immigrants, in fact most will be legal.

I believe, border Force must place caps on how many people the country can accept, and they need to be people who will integrate, have a level of education, a talent that is needed and a minimum amount of wealth before they are accepted.

It maybe worth the UK Government implementing the Australian Model.

The is what the Migration Watch website said about the problem.

November 23, 2023

New figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that in the year ending June 2023, net migration to the UK was 672,000.

Commenting, Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:

These figures are truly shocking. They will result in intolerable pressure on our housing and public services. The government have abandoned their promises at the last election and have simply caved in to every pro-immigration pressure group. Indeed net migration is now at four or five times the level of three years ago.

If this is allowed to continue, Britain’s population could well soar to about 85 million by 2046. This would be equivalent to 18 new cities the size of Birmingham, and would place an intolerable strain on our land, housing, transportation, and public infrastructure.

Apart from the economic pressures brought by this eyewatering net migration figure, how on earth will we integrate the 1.2 million long term migrants arriving every year? It will only add massively to the problem of integrating the millions of migrants already here.

The British people have been utterly betrayed.