Rhino-Rack Roof Bars

Fitted Rhino-Rack Roof Bars to our Grenadier yesterday.

The fitting instructions were supposed to be available via a QR code, but the QR code failed to work.

I had to resort to Googling for them (I have attached them below if anyone else requires them).

The bars were relatively easy to fit, the feet need to be positioned exactly as per the fitting instructions obviously, but there are very clear instructions. My rear bar should be on the C-pillar, but I have used it as a rear location for my Lazer lights. Therefore, if I need to use the bars in anger I would ideally need to buy another to spread the load over the roof. Load bearing bars should be located where the B & C pillars are located.

Only detrimental fact is some wind noise being generated by the front bar. I am guessing from the forward facing slot – so I need to purchase some more rubber infill (Rhino-Rack provide material for the Upper and Lower slots of each bar).

Just added in a couple of strips of Rubber in fill surplus to the instructions to the Front Bar and hopefully that reduces the noise level.

EDIT: I can confirm using the Rubber Strips reduces the noise.