April 18, 2024

Second Day of the Grenadier

First modification today. Very aware that the door sills could easily be damaged by getting in and out of the vehicle. I bought some protective tape from Amazon and fitted it to the front door sills this morning. I then went for a short ride with our little dog, who enjoyed it (and he was strapped in on the move). I then stopped about 2 miles from home and took these pictures.

I have to say, it’s one of the few vehicles that I am still excited about. Ineos customer service tried their best to knock it out of me – but they failed miserably.

Initial thoughts, the steering is not a problem no matter who tells you it is. The intrusion into the footwell isn’t a problem for me, but it could be annoying for very tall drivers. Remember this is only relevant if the vehicle is RHD.

The positives, the overall build quality appears to be very good, the 3 litre BMW diesel engine complements the vehicle very well at low country road speeds and of course on faster A-roads. The suspension deserves a special mention, the compliance on our poor local roads is absolutely unbelievable. In my M5 I am bounced all over the road, not so in the Gren.

I just love all the tie down points for outsize loads and the ability to personalise the truck with electrical add-ons.

If you are thinking about it – don’t, get one ordered.