April 18, 2024

The day Cathay Dragon ceased to exist!

Wednesday, 21st October 2020 will be seared in the minds of all those who worked for Cathay Dragon, as this was the day it ceased to exist. I knew it as Dragonair and I feel the pain for my ex-colleges. There are questions that need answering, such as what happens to the AOC?

Dragonair began flying in 1985 with a single 737 and finished off with a fleet of Airbus 320 and 330’s with nearly 600 pilots and a large staff of support people. As of Wednesday, all but 8 pilots have been served their notices. The 8 retained pilots will  train crews on the Airbus A321neos that Dragon had on order .

I flew for Dragonair from 2001 to 2008 on the Boeing 747-200/300 freighters and in this time Dragon survived SAARS and became so profitable that Cathay used their huge resources to acquire the jewel of Hong Kong. In a little over 12 years they have crushed the jewel in order to survive. As sad the 21st October 2020, will not be forgotten.

Dam – Covid-19. Read this article that discusses Drago’s time-line and reasons for its beheading. Click Here.

Pictures courtesy of Kenneth Williams – they depict the press outside Cathay City: