April 18, 2024

Update on our Ineos Grenadier

We have owned our Trialmaster for 6 months and only covered 2300 miles. The vehicle is certainly reliable and BUILT ON PURPOSE.

Many of the comments below are exactly the same as I reported in June, just after delivery.


  • The Grenadier is undoubtedly a very robust and well constructed vehicle.
  • The ride is exceptionally good considering its rides on coil springs and live axles.
  • Steering, feels very different in that it does not self centre, I am led to believe this is because it uses a recirculating ball system. You do get used to it as others have noted and therefore is not a problem.
  • Fuel consumption is 23.52 mpg (Diesel).
  • Air conditioning works well in the Summer (see Negatives for Winter).
  • Seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room in the rear with the Belstaff editions.
  • Controls all easy to use, with the exception of the AirCon controls as the script to identify the switches is below and not above. (see disadvantages).
  • Headlights and Driving lights are very good (love the LED patterns front and rear).
  • On road performance is very good (off-road not don enough to comment).
  • Diesel engine performance as expected, and it accelerates better in first gear from standstill after the software update (the software update clearly, did much more than eliminate false warnings).
  • Accessory market from INEOS and other suppliers is developing fast.
  • Windscreen wipers sweep sufficient of the screen.
  • Warning messages reported by all of us previously have been eliminated after the Software update.


  • No colours on the Radio stations icons (expect a fix with software).
  • No driver grab handle on the drivers side to allow easier access.
  • Script for AC is below the switches, until you learn the switch positions, they are not easy to identify. The exception is when they are illuminated at night, when the script for selections is visible.
  • Compass Digital display is unreadable in daylight.
  • Steering wheel is about 3 to 5 degrees offset to the right (appears to be a common problem).
  • RHD – left foot rest must be made smaller and thus benefit people like me who don’t like it (although I have got used to it).
  • Our vehicle never charges the batteries to more than 83% (normal 78%).
  • Engine Stop/Start inoperative – personally very pleased about this.
  • Didn’t buy a tow bar – mistake – at the moment it cannot be retrofitted. I strongly recommend you add it to your order regardless of whether you want it or not.
  • European front bumper protrudes much too far.


The BOLDED items are musts, the remainder is my dream list

  • With heat selected the air flow is hit and miss. We find that different temps of air flow from the centre vent (Left warmer than the right) and there is virtually no flow directed to your feet when “feet” are selected.
  • Rear door handle buttons occasionally stick (with lubrication they release).
  • Hope there are Radio Station colour “Icons” added on the next software update.
  • Believe there is a strut missing to hold the left hand bumper heat exchanger in place.
  • Door seals are reportedly earmarked for upgrade – however ours appear to function as designed.
  • Like to see the Compass LED viewable in the daylight.
  • Like to be able to fit the N.American metal bumper (smaller and more robust).
  • Noticed corrosion on a couple of the fixings (for example a bolt that holds the left wing to the car (located on the A-pillar).
  • AirCon panel needs relabelling (see above).
  • Need to check whether the battery charge rate is normal.

Minor updates since I bought my vehicle, I have added:

  1. Rubber Mats (INEOS).
  2. Under Seat Storage bags from Australia (BDM).
  3. Picnic Table (INEOS)
  4. Cargo Net (INEOS)
  5. The “V” stickers.
  6. Chandlers Tyre Cover
  7. “It’s not a Bl***y Land Rover! sticker.
  8. 2 x Lazers Utility-25 Maxx
  9. Tougher Seat Covers
  10. Roof Bars (INEOS)


  1. Black Sheep light bar
  2. Drawer System + Fridge
  3. 4 x Lazer 7″ Sentinels


Very happy with the vehicle and would highly recommend it and my agent – Chandlers of Belton and Horncastle.