Drone registered with the CAA

I have a DJI Mavic Pro drone since 2019 and rarely have flown it. It was flown once in 2020, 27 August at 1440 for 10 minutes.

In late 2019 I registered the drone and myself with the CAA. This is the page where you can register, you need to take a test and pay a small fee, £9.

Operator ID:

  • Name: *******
  • Operator ID: GBR-OP-J966S4S77BHD
  • Valid for: 1 year
  • Expiry date: 28/12/2021

Flyer ID

  • Name: *******
  • Flyer ID: FLY-YMQBKQ
  • Valid for: 3 years
  • Expiry date: 28/12/2022

For full details of the latest regulations – click this CAA link.