Front Bumper Light Bar by Leitner

I haven’t added much content recently, below are details of a very useful Light Bar, which I would consider, if only our bumpers were compatible (UK plastic larger bumpers, in comparison to the North American Metal bumper). Price is $500 US. Link to the Light Bar is here.

The INEOS GRENADIER Front Bumper Light Bar is the simplest way to add much needed lights to the grenadier. If you have taken the grenadier down a dark country road or crossed the Mojave desert I’m sure you’ve realized the limitations of the stock lighting of the Grenadier even with the “off road mode” lights engaged.

This front bumper light bar lets you attach most any lights with ease. From simple Led light bars to full off road light pods.

This is a no drill mount that includes all the hardware to finish this installation in under 15-20 minutes.  If your vehicle came equipped with the High Load Auxiliary Switch Panel, you have up to 25 amps of power available to switch on any light you choose on switch 5. If not, you still have a factory 10 amp lead under the hood from Aux switch 1. Either will provide plenty of power to turn night into day!

We recommend Baja designs lights, choose from either Squadron SportLP4 pros or go big with Lp6 pros! There’s just no going wrong with any of these lights.