Grenadier – Grille Lazer Lights

Lazer lights are developing and marketing LED lights for the Grenadier.

Lazer displayed their future fitments at the recent Goodwood Festival of speed on the Milltek demonstrator. A new grille kit including Plus 2 x Triple-R 16 Elite lampsfitted to a Grenadier was being displayed on the Milltek Sport stand.

The grille kit for the Grenadier will be released soon, using the highly popular Triple-R 750 and 750 Elite lamps. This kit replaces the two original additional driving lamps, in favour of Lazer lamps. 

The roof kit is wired with male Deutsch DTP connectors, and the Lazer lamps used are pre wired with male DT04 connectors. Additionally, due to the 25A power limit, the two separate lamps have been connected to different power points in the roof, to switches 5 & 6 rather than just switch 5. The install will be confirmed by Lazer very soon, with exactly what will be needed on a Grenadier install.

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