RAF Barkston Heath

RAF Barkston Heath today. Nice to see the RAF waving to my boss. Beautiful day for the lucky “few” doing their flying training under the UK MFTS contract. The Grob 120TP Prefects replacing the Tutor in the elementary flying training Role with 57 Sqn at RAF College Cranwell.

The Prefect brings turboprop power, digital avionics and retractable undercarriage to elementary flying training.

The Grob’s 120TP (Prefect T1) is an extreme evolution of a line of two-seat sporting and aerobatic aircraft that began with the Grob G 115, first flown in 1985 and including the G 115E, ordered in quantity for UK service as the Tutor.  First flown in 2010, the 120TP employs a composite airframe and turboprop power, plus digital avionics and a glass cockpit.

Affinity is supplying 23 Prefects under UK MFTS and having been contracted on February 2, 2016, received its first pair of aircraft on November 16. The fleet built rapidly and the type was ready to begin operations on August 1, 2017.

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