Sandstone Trail

A week ago I walked 36 miles of the Sandstone Trail with two good friends, Ian and Graham. The journey began after meeting up in Frodsham. Below are the track and distances provided by Ian, the reason we hiked a little further was off route watering holes and a comfortable watering hole for the night. See this website for details of the trail:

  • 1st night in Frodsham – Best Western, Forest Hill, Frodsham
  • 2nd night at Willington Hall Hotel
  • 3rd night at Bickerton Poacher Pub
  • 4th and last night at the Wheatsheaf Poacher in Whitchurch

Day 1 11.4 miles – Day 2 – 12.6 miles and finally Day 3 13.3 miles. Total: 37.3