Grenadier – first impressions!

My feedback on this vehicle.


1) Overall impressions – a very robust well constructed vehicle.
2) Fuel consumption to date is around 22-23 mpg (Diesel).
3)The ride is exceptionally good considering its on coil springs and live axle.
4) Steering, is different but you get used to it as others have noted and therefore is not a problem.
5) Air conditioning works well.
6) Seats comfortable and plenty of room. in the rear with the Belstaff editions.
7) Controls all easy to use (see disadvantages).
8) Headlights very good (love the LED patterns front and rear). The inboard driving lights are very bright.
9) Diesel engine performance is as expected, once out of first gear, like any other ZF gearbox on tarmac (cannot comment off road).
10) Accessory market from INEOS and other suppliers is developing fast.
11) No need to take the car apart as it all works and is under warranty.
12) Windscreen wipers sweep sufficient of the screen.


1) Warning messages – should be eliminated with software update in 4/5 weeks time. My fix, is not to stop with IGN, go straight to START which suppresses the messages on the centre screen until a software reprogramme is done.
2) No colours on the Radio stations icons (expect a fix with software).
3) No driver grab handle to allow easier access.
4) Script for AC is below the switches, until you learn the switches not easy to identify in comparison to other switches on the centre stack, where the script is above (see image below).
5) Compass Digital display is unreadable in daylight.
6) RHD – left foot rest could be made smaller and thus benefit people like me who don’t like it (although getting used to it).
7) Didn’t buy a tow bar – mistake as at the moment it cannot be retrofitted (recommend you add it to your order list).
8) European front bumper looks too large.


Very happy with the vehicle and would highly recommend it and my agent – Chandlers of Belton and Horncastle.
So buy one. If I bought again I would buy the 2 seat utility with my personal specification.

See picture regarding AC script (you can’t see FAN – TEMPERATURE & ZONE) from the drivers seat.